Artist’s Statement

I have always made art. I have never considered any other profession or vocation. I had a formal art background, and after college I was drawn to abstraction and have continued to work as an abstract painter. Since the mid 1970’s I have been fascinated with patterning and the visual image created by repeat motifs.
I do not see a distinct boundary between painting and drawing. As I continue to explore patterning I work with a variety of art materials. My work, using either words or patterns, incorporate recognizable images into the background as collage elements.
I see my work is intuitive, a process that is both planned and spontaneous. Each new body of work is an outgrowth of previous work with current ideas, thoughts, and experiences incorporated.
I do not set out to create a series but rather keep addressing the thought until I feel satisfied that the body of work is complete; this often results in a series.


Kathy Stark grew up in a small town along the Hudson River. She was an only child and spent her childhood in a house isolated in the countryside. It was a peaceful bucolic existence; although alone she did not experience it as lonely.

Stark attended the University of New Mexico then completed her studies at New York University. She later studied at the New School, The Arts Student League, Adelphi University, The Printmaking Workshop and The R&F Encaustic workshop.

Stark traveled extensively finally settling in New York City where she exhibited frequently and was part of the New York art community. In 1986 she moved to Nantucket and continued to paint. After 14 years on Nantucket, Stark moved to the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont where she continues to live, work in her studio and exhibit regionally, nationally and abroad. Kathy Stark is currently represented in New York by SOHO20.